couples holding arms together.

Couples Therapy

Maintaining Connection, Truth and Intimacy overtime

Our intimate partnerships can be a source of stability, love and connection that positively influence all aspects of our lives, and yet after the initial “happy-ever-after” stage early in the relationship, most couples will experience times of turbulence and disconnection. The real issue becomes what couples choose to do in these occasions. Do you turn away from each other, and act out in destructive ways?  Or instead learn to use the difficulties as opportunities for growth and change?

We are here to help you shift from reacting to each other based upon the unconscious models of relationship each of us carries from the past, to a place where you are able to shift perspectives and choose instead to become allies. Partner’s who are able to recognize and rewrite the old scripts, and act upon the opportunities for connection. Allies who learn to use the relationship and what arises within it, to spur deeper self-understanding, enhance intimacy and sooth the hurts of the past.

Our job is to create the support so that each of you feels like “ I am on your side”. In Truth, I am on the side of the relationship. Clear communication and a mindful quality of awareness is encouraged, so that a new space between you can be created for something different to happen.