Mind/Body Integration

A tree grows. Anything in our mind does at well. How can we integrate the mind and the body to create a better reality for ourselves?

Therapeutic counselling is a process that moves in the direction of greater integration. What that means is that you move to a broader understanding of how seperate life events, relationships, trauma, and the joys and difficulties of our human experience have all come to impact you and contribute to your particular way of being in the world. Integration involves bringing together what we have held seperately in the past. In this way we welcome back the truth held in our bodies so that it more closely relates to the thoughts we carry in our minds. In counselling we integrate and update the narrative we hold of our life experience, bringing into greater coherence past and present . We can then make sense of things in a new way.

At times we integrate emotions and trauma’s that have been walled off and compartmentalized, inviting a newfound ability to hold our seat in the midst of life’s difficulties. Through mindfulnees we integrate the way we access information available from the left and right hemispheres of the brain, so that we get a more balanced view.

Integration means establishing a new higher level pattern of organization where more of who you are becomes available in service to your life. Becoming a more present, better functioning human being.The result of this is what we call growth and healing.