How will Therapy Help me ?

Therapy helps by opening up perspective. Bringing new understanding and new approaches to difficult life situations so that you experience the ability to show up for yourself, and for those you care about, in more self empowered ways. Therapy often involves new learning. Engaging in a relational process where you have the support and guidance to look at the protective habits of the past that may have outlived there usefullness and now keep you at a distance from the life you wish for yourself.

Therapy can help you come to trust again, yourself, others, and life itself. For many people trust has been ruptured and therapy helps you come to terms with and deepen your own understanding of these formative events so that you are able to come to peace within yourself. In this way therapy can help with the difficult process of letting go, of bringing forgiveness to difficult life situations so that your life energy is not wrapped up in events of the past.

Therapy provides you with a new form of freedom; to see things from a fresh perspective, to step out of outdated habits, to cultivate a place within yourself of new growth and change.


What can I expect, As This is the first time I have met with a counsellor?

Typically we begin by listening, allowing you to share what is important for us to know about your circumstances. Research has demonstrated that the most important factor in counselling client outcomes is the quality of the relationship between client and counsellor. So we pay attention to what you are saying, to the story underneath the story, and to the particular language that your body is expressing through gestures and posture. All of this is so that we can create the ease and safety for you to feel β€œmet” in this relationship. This allows the therapeutic process to unfold in a way where you come to more clarity, increased self awareness and the confidence that your needs, and goals are being held in a good way.