A walk in the forest is also a form of self therapy. Who is counselling for?

The decision to seek counseling is not one that is made lightly. 

Perhaps you have noticed a pattern you bring to relationships that creates conflict or distance. You may be at an important life transition knowing that how you have shown up in the past will not help you create what you wish for the future. Sometimes we just know that it’s time to look more deeply at the places in where we shut down or show up in self-limiting ways.  While our culture may celebrate the myth of the strong independent individual there are times when we all need support.

Effective therapy provides you with that support. Moreover, it encourages a process of self-discovery that allows you to bring new perspectives to the formative episodes of the past where certain self-limiting beliefs about the world and subsequent habits were formed. The goal is to support your ability, one step at a time, to show up in your life in more empowered ways. Where you experience more freedom to choose consciously how you wish to be in your relationships, at work, and with yourself.

We often work with people who feel separated from their authentic feelings, who are looking to regain a quality of aliveness in their day-to-day lives. We help clients who are struggling with anxiety and central nervous system regulation, and people who are struggling with issues of self-esteem. 

None of us can change the past, but we can change the way we hold the past inside ourselves in present time. This allows for a new kind of integration, where you update old beliefs, learn to welcome the “knowing” held in the body and gain more access to the calm and clear centre of your own life.