Richard Klein

Richard specializes in Body Centered Psychotherapy and Couples Therapy.

Richard has completed a four year course of studies in Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy with Hakomi founder Ron Kurtz and master techer Jon Eisman. He took the mindfulness based stress reduction training with Jon Kabat Zin in 2008. Richard has worked as an aquatic therapist and a life coach. He is the director and founder of Mountain Waters Retreats, a wellness retreat centre near Nelson where he also facilitates programs, including a yearly couples retreat that he teaches with his wife Yogita and senior Hakomi teacher Beth Falch-Neilson.

Richard has completed a two year certification in Relational Somatic Therapy, a body-based form of trauma resolution work. He is presently registered as a therapeutic counselor with the Association of Counseling Therapists of Canada. 

It feels important to share that in my life, the times of greatest challenge, have been the very times when I grew most as a human being. We all have an instinct to protect and contract around the places that are painful and difficult. I am committed to providing you the counselling and therapeutic support that allows you to move forward from whatever place you find yourself, with greater self-understanding, increased self-acceptance, and more abilty to consciously choose how you wish to show up in your relationship, at work, and for yourself. 

I will encourage you in the practice of a kind of noticing that I call mindful awareness, where you develop the ability to more clearly observe what is happening inside yourself. Together by deep listening, accessing the wisdom of the body, and by uncovering old self-limiting beliefs, we can address the unresolved issues from the past that interfere with your ability to live more fully in the present and create the life you wish for yourself.

I have five adult children and a new grandchild. I am passionate about lifelong learning, growing food in the garden, hiking and skiing in the wilderness, and giving back to life in small but meaningful ways.


Tel: 250-509-0553